A new way to consult and manage patients with imbalance and dizziness
VERTIGENIUS is an easy to use platform that lets you Design, prescribe and deploy custom exercises in our easy to use clinician portal.

Give your patient access to our easy to use smartphone app which digitally delivers, measures and tracks vestibular rehabilitation.



The smart phone app when combined with our breakthrough head sensor which connects easily with bluetooth to the patients phone tracks the head movement while exercising leading to iterative improvements in outcomes


Three Products, One Platform 

Deploy, Treat and Measure Outcomes. Digitizing Vestibular Rehabilitation.





Clinician Portal

Physiotherapists have an easy to use portal to prescribe exercises and deploy them to the smartphone app for patients immediate use. The Clinician can see how each patient is progressing with the exercises and prescribe new exercises as they improve. The clinician can even give prescribed reading and media for the patient to better understand the treatment.

Wearable Head Sensor

This sensor is the very latest in movement sensing technology. This affordable wearable fits just behind the ear and can be given to the patient to take home with them. It connects to their smartphone via bluetooth and gives them instant feedback on how they are doing with the exercise.

Patient App

The patient app allows the patient to securely log in and receive their prescribed exercises and reading material. It also connects via bluetooth on the phone to the Head Sensor. Having the App at home empowers the patient to refresh their memory on how the exercise is to be done, gives them instant feedback on how they are doing and gives the healthcare practitioner a view practitioner.

VERTIGENIUS for Clinicians

Prescribing and teaching exercises are traditionally time-consuming for health care professionals and can be confusing for patients. Having to write out on paper a series of exercises, hoping that the patient has understood and will complete them properly is less than ideal.

– Track record of your patient’s symptoms and progress.
– Create an individually tailored programme for each patient
– Extensive Library of Custom-made exercise videos
– Contains an in-built metronome for gaze-stabilisation exercises






Tailored Programme

Custom Exercise Videos

Gaze-stabilisation exercises

Prescribe a Programme


As a clinician you can create customised programmes for each of your patients and have them delivered right to their smartphone at the click of a button 


How does it work?


During assessment, you can use Vertigenius to perform and input recommended core physical outcome measures, such as:

  1. Balance Tests.
  2. Dynamic Visual Acuity.
  3. Gait Speed.

After assessment, Vertigenius’ extensive library of custom-created videos can be used to build a programme of exercises.  These can be individualised for frequency, intensity, type, and time of exercises.  Each individual programme is sent directly to the patient.

Included are:

  • Balance Exercises
  • Gait Exercises
  • Gaze Stabilisation Exercises
  • Habituation Exercises
  • Cervical Proprioception Exercises
  • Optokinetic Exercises
  • Vergence Exercises
  • Strengthening Exercises

The advantages of the VERTIGENIUS Platform

A new way to consult and manage vestibular rehabilitation with automatic calculation of adherence and outcome measurement of prescribed exercises with a library of over 250 exercises


Deploy Program to Patient instantly

Customise Exercise programs

Monitor and guide the patients remotely

Treat More Patients and improve outcomes

Get accurate data on head movement and adherence

For Patients

Our patient app allows patients to have easy and clear instructions every time they do their exercises, notifications to remind them and encouragement to keep going and see their progress. The health care practitioner can track their progress and adjust the exercises when needed.

Make it Easy to Connect With Patients Directly with our app.

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A state of the art head sensor you can use at home.

The medical device is specifically designed for Vestibular Rehabilitation. It fits just above the ear, connects to your smartphone wirelessly via bluetooth and gives feedback as to your head movement during exercises.


For Patients   

So you’ve received a diagnosis, you’ve been given exercises to do, now what?

It can be overwhelming to leave a healthcare practitioner’s office with a series of instructions, and not be fully confident in how to carry them out.

Vertigenius employs a simple to use patient application that can be downloaded onto your device. This app allows your healthcare practitioner to send you forms to fill out ahead of consultation that can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can record your symptoms, concerns, and goals without worrying you may have forgotten something during your consultation.

During your assessment, your outcome measures are securely and easily recorded directly into the app.

Your healthcare professional can then select a series of exercises from our extensive custom-created video library. This allows them to create a programme tailored specifically to you. These exercises are performed directly with the use of the app, taking the guesswork out

of your programme.






Dara Meldrum

Dara Meldrum


Dr. Dara Meldrum is a Senior Research Fellow at the Academic Unit of Neurology, School of Medicine, and the ADAPT centre at Trinity College Dublin and is a physiotherapist. She is the founder and inventor of VERTIGENIUS.  She has been treating patients with dizziness and teaching and researching in the area of Vestibular Rehabilitation for over 20 years. 

Mark Barry

Mark Barry


Mark Barry is a seasoned enterprise leader with over 25 years of experience across a variety of domains including R&D, sales, marketing, finance, and strategy. He has proven his expertise in P&L ownership of businesses with a revenue of over €1B. Over the years, he has led teams of up to 400 people and has successfully launched 80 products into the market. 

Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner

CTO & Business Partner

Richard is a senior Product and IT Specialist that has implemented large software platforms for multinationals all over the world in the MedTech Space. He has a particular interest in agile methodologies and user centred product management and has helped and worked for many start-ups to bring scale and planning to development and operations in their organisations.

Niall McKeown

Niall McKeown


Niall McKeown is an experienced hardware and operations expert with a career spanning over 33 years. He has proven expertise in driving innovation processes, managing budgets, and delivering high-quality products through program management. Niall’s experience covers volume manufacture, test, quality, and support, making him a versatile leader with an eye for detail. He has a keen understanding of the complex dynamics of the manufacturing industry and has worked on projects ranging from small-scale prototypes to large-scale production runs. His expertise in program management has helped him in delivering projects within timelines and budgets while maintaining a high degree of quality. Niall is known for his exceptional leadership skills and ability to motivate his teams to perform at their best

What Our Patients Say

“I would absolutely recommend VERTIGENIUS to other patients with dizziness and balance problems”

“After using VERTIGENIUS with my healthcare professional, I feel so much more positive, I am not so overwhelmed, it really had the power to influence my life”

“The progress graphs were a great help to see how I was doing”


“I loved the tutorial videos, watching them before I did the exercise really helped me to make sure I was doing them right, when you are shown in clinic forget what you are shown”
“It’s easy and straightforward to use, I am only coming into technology and only do basic stuff, but VERTIGENIUS was very handy to use”

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